The Marching Contest

Midland Memorial Stadium

November 20, 1965  



  • This marching show starts from the North end of the field with the drum line coming out from the end zone followed by the rest of the band coming from the side lines. The band is led by two drum majors and four majorettes for a total 132 bandsmen on the field.
  •  The band starts with the fanfare "Invocation to Albrecht". The band makes a pass down the field marching 6 steps to 5 yards playing "Bravura". Spreading 40 yards from front to back the band counter marches at the South goal line stopping while still playing on the 40 yard line.
  • Next the band does a backward step drill where in three counts the whole band converts to diagonal lines. Then goes into a step two drill, followed by four man pinwheels with the center point stationary.
  • The pinwheel drill continues as the the band plays "Them Basses. The band then breaks into "March Grandioso" as the band heads down the field to counter march on the North goal line.
  • The band breaks into a narrower formation and demonstrates dynamics while marching playing the classic march "New Colonial".
  • Now in concert formation the band heads toward the sidelines playing the concert piece "Symphonians".