The Marching Contest

W. T. Barrett Stadium

November 1975  


  • This marching show starts from the South end of the field with the drum line coming out from the end zone followed by the rest of the band coming from the side lines. The band is lead by two drum majors, six majorettes, ten flag barriers for a total 146 bandsmen on the field.
  • The band starts with the Tommy Fry Fanfare. The band goes right into a counter march on the 40 yard line and from the South goal line back to the 40 yard line. Playing "Garland Entree" March.
  • Next the band does a backward step drill where in three counts the whole band converts to diagonal lines. They are playing Invictus by Karl King. This followed by a step two drills.
  • The band then evolves into a large square and the into a circle with the flags in the center. From this formation they morph into flowers and other circular geometric formations all the while playing "Them Basses".
  • Then the band forms back into rank and file and begins a folding pinwheel formation while playing." The Daughters of Texas March".
  • Then into concert formation and they play the show tune Lover.
  • Lastly they march off the side lines playing Voice of the Guns - Alford.